Monseo seeks to bring new forms to fine jewellery contemporary scene.
Respecting history and tradition, Monseo distinguishes itself by its contemporary designs, its approach to high end crafts, techniques and materials and the exclusive production of unique pieces or limited edition series. Each jewel is a small work of art: it reveals its very essence, a profound sense of timeless beauty.

Monseo jewels are for perfect moments.

Monseo artisans team

Monseo artisans team

SINCE 1972

Monseo is a fine jewellery brand that comes from a Portuguese company founded in Porto in 1972. Monseo acquired leading position in the Portuguese jewellery market, through the exemplary work of the company throughout its history. Now in its third generation, the company has developed a consistent path that reflects the commitment to the concept of the brand and its products.

The portfolio of the brand shows different artistic influences from Art Deco, Modern Art and Minimalism. With a great passion for the mastery of jewellery, Monseo collections are known to have jewellery pieces with unusual and rare colored gemstones.

Since its launch in 2004, Monseo collections have been presented in cities such as New York, Las Vegas, Miami, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Madrid and Basel.

The brand owns a flagship store in Porto and is available through selected points of sale abroad.

Portrait by André Teixeira

Portrait by André Teixeira

This is a story of three generations. Thus, in this family, different life experiences and practices acquired over time are combined. 

Rui Vieira is the company's founder and the one who inspired Monseo way of life. Monseo was created because our family decided to take his legacy into the future.

José  and Manuela take the team everyday to the fascinating world of gemology and craftsmanship. For these two persons to design and think about all the details of a jewellery piece is a form of true luxury and a form of art. They have two cutting edge daughters.

Diana is an architect and interior designer and very early she had contact with the passion of her grandfather and her parents in the business and developed a growing interest in the art of jewellery through her life. Nowadays, as Creative Director, she seeks to articulate Monseo DNA with a new, modern but still sophisticated approach. Her designs are already known for their highly sculptural and architectural forms.

Always committed with Monseo, Raquel is an independent graphic designer, art director and photographer based in London and keeps her collaborations with the brand among different projects .